• support artists in the time of covid-19

    As we all navigate through this challenging time, professionals across many industries are suffering as businesses shut their doors. The dance industry is no different.


    Performing is rarely an avenue for full-time income, which is why many of our company members rely upon hourly pay as teachers at dance studios. Donations made to EEC will go toward paying our cast, creating virtual art, and ensuring a future for our company once live productions are possible again.


    Please consider donating today.

  • against shadows

    Part Four: All the Jive Is Gone

    Against Shadows Part 4 of 5 is a solo piece we made with Michael Love! Michael is a tap artist who studies, dances, and choreographs here in Austin, Texas. This section is soundtracked by "All the Jive Is Gone," a song released in 1936 by Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy, to highlight the unchanging elements of racial discrimination in the United States.


    Dancing & Choreography by Michael Love
    Cinematography & Editing by Justin Kirchhoff
    Concept & Dance Direction by Stephanie Patrick


  • coming soon

    Peep Our Upcoming Work!

    With 23 hours, 19 dancers, and 2 directors, we made 9 new dance film pieces in one weekend! In late February, Early Era embarked on a new journey, creating a piece about the lives of people who immigrate to the U.S. Here's our plan of attack:

    1. Choreograph and film all dance scenes for the camera.

    2. Work with organizations like Girl Forward and Refugee Services of Texas to connect

    with people who have immigrated from all over the world, and capture their stories on film.
    3. Combine footage with live dance at a stage near you!

    We couldn't have accomplished Step 1 without our community of support. A huge "thank you" goes out to Austin Sunshine Camps for donating and trusting us with their space! We're grateful for Uncle Nicky's, Jonathan White, and Travis Tober for feeding our cast through the long hours on set. Thank you, Kristine & Dan Patrick, for being rockstar volunteers.

    Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned!


  • Amplify Austin

    I Live Here, I Give Here

    Thank you to everyone who donated to our Amplify Austin campaign! With your help, we raised over $3,400! We are so grateful for your support, and can't wait to share our 2020 works with you.

  • live

    In an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we have postponed our programming until further notice. Take a look at our Fall 2019 projects below.

    Our last show of 2019 was on Tuesday, December 17th. This was our second year to perform as Austin Poetry Slam's feature, and it's one of our favorite audiences in Austin. If you haven't been to a slam, the high energy and community vibe is a must. Click on the picture above for more information about APS.


    Thank you, Austin, for two incredible audiences at Louder Than Words on November 14th and 15th!! Our first enthusiastically braved the cold, and our second forced us to add seating for our largest audience to date! A huge thank you Carpenter Hotel for selecting us to be your first live show AND donating the space. Thank you The Creative Fund for your Q Grant to cover all rehearsal space rentals.


    On November 8th and 9th we debuted "Bite The Bullet" at Seam East, the last show of Seam Project's season. Addy Allred's words and Jaylin Lane's movement used this popular phrase to name America's people of color as a target for mass shootings, and to show that these communities are often silenced after their losses. We so enjoyed sharing this impactful piece with Seam audiences.

    Click on the picture above for more information about Seam Project.


    Photograph by Earl McGehee. Piece directed by Stephanie Patrick.


  • film festivals

    They Go Wild

    They Go Wild just made its way through the film festival circuit! Shot in grey desolation, two dancers and a spoken word artist give a PSA-style warning about the dangers of historical, female oppression. All three festivals showcased films from all over the world:


    NYC Shorts of All Sorts: Directed By Women - Monday, September 2nd

    Oaxaca Film Fest - October 4th-10th, Awards Finalist

    Tipperary Dance Platform International Film Festival - October 7th-13th

  • Of Thee I Swing teaser

    Of Thee I Swing combined filmed interviews of World War II veterans and civilians with live dance. We created an evening-length piece using multi-form dance, costumes, and music from the 40s to align that era with now.


    This production was presented at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew. Funded in part by the City Of Austin's Cultural Arts Division.

    Against Shadows Trailer

    Ten performers in five scenes explore racial and gender discrimination against graffiti sites in Austin and San Francisco.

    Fall & Lift

    An improvisation on a fall day. Filmed by Peter Klemek and Yelena Laningham. Danced by Stephanie Patrick & Yelena Laningham.

    Edited by Stephanie Patrick.

    I Begin

    "I am literally smiling, now. I am really, truly filled with joy watching this. It exudes the joys of coming home. It's not quite like anything I've seen before. It feels like each of the places themselves are Stephanie’s dance partners, with Texas being her final, real partner. I did not see her dancing IN a place, as much as WITH a place."

    - Kathryn Taylor, viewer

  • press

    Hip Hop Hooray

    KOOP Radio Interview

    Director Stephanie Patrick and Dancer Jaylin Lane talked about Of Thee I Swing on Hip Hop Hooray! Miss Manners asked questions about dance, hip-hop, the history of segregation in Austin, and how we spread awareness through art.


    Click the picture to hear our interview on SoundCloud!

  • the concept

    A Bit About Us....

    We're an Austin-based 501(c)3 nonprofit creating performance for stage and film. EEC makes multi-form art showcasing diverse perspectives for diverse audiences. Our languages include dance - contemporary, tap, hip-hop, ballet - spoken word, music, acting, and any other medium we'd like to tackle. We're a collaborative entity always working toward pushing our own artistic boundaries!


    Concepts and direction are provided by Stephanie Patrick, the founder and former director of Stephanie Patrick Dance of San Francisco, Asheville, and Austin. SPD was founded in 2012 and awarded the following honors:


    -Q Grant from The Creative Fund, August 2017

    -2016 Dance Artist Development Award from Arcos Dance

    -2015 Starving Artists Award from Principal Creative and Performing Arts

    -Recipient of Resident Artist Workshop (RAW) at SAFE House Arts June and December 2015


    Stephanie brings those artistic successes and her strong vision to EEC, which premiered in the fall of 2018 with three productions in Austin. Early Era Collective is organized as a nonprofit organization to best support its collaborating artists.

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