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    Early Era Collective is an artistic endeavor whose purpose is to produce performances and projects featuring multiple dance forms, live music, acting, spoken word, and other forms of artistic expression. EEC creates pieces for film and live audiences, presenting relatable themes and stories through diverse perspectives. EEC is committed to providing performance opportunities that include fair pay for artists' work.


    Concepts and direction are provided by Stephanie Patrick, the founder and former director of Stephanie Patrick Dance of San Francisco, Asheville, and Austin. SPD was founded in 2012 and awarded the following honors:


    -Q Grant from The Creative Fund, August 2017

    -2016 Dance Artist Development Award from Arcos Dance

    -2015 Starving Artists Award from Principal Creative and Performing Arts

    -Recipient of Resident Artist Workshop (RAW) at SAFE House Arts June and December 2015


    Stephanie brings those artistic successes and her strong vision to EEC, which premiered in the fall of 2018 with three productions in Austin. Early Era Collective is organized as a nonprofit organization to best support its collaborating artists.

  • 2019

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  • fall 2018 recap

    They Go Wild > Austin Poetry Slam > Revolve

    They Go Wild Premiere Party was a vibrant, full Saturday evening! Thank you to Gallery at Lewis Carnegie for hosting us, our sponsors Aviation Gin, Sombra Mezcal and Grey Goose Vodka, along with all of our raffle prize contributors. Stay tuned for other screenings of our film!


    They Go Wild created by Stephanie Patrick and Ben Lee. Danced by Lauren Parra, Laura Mobley. Spoken word by Amber Wilson. Second camera and Set Photography by Derek Butvin.


    Our performers for the evening:

    Max Perry + Addy Lugo

    Lauren Parra + Amber Wilson

    Michelle Barfield, Matthew Shields, Daniel Broxton, Cassidy Sainz + Amir Hammoudeh

  • Trailer for They Go Wild, a site-specific film featuring dance and spoken word.

    Trailer by Ben Lee. Dancing by Lauren Parra and Laura Mobley, choreography by Stephanie Patrick.

    On October 30th, EEC performed its last show of the fall as the Austin Poetry Slam Feature! Every Tuesday, APS hosts a competition between Austin's best slam poets. Each week a non-competing headliner performs between the first and final rounds - an honor held by established poets from all over the nation. On the night before Halloween, our feature slot combined dance with spoken word for a super fun, energetic audience!


    Left to right: Emily Frank, Amber Wilson, Stephanie Patrick, Mike Ross, Lauren Parra, and Daniel Broxton.




  • This year we created "Male | Female," a commentary on gender roles, for Revolve: A Movement Display. Soundtracked by a discussion we hosted and recorded of male, female, and transgender artists, we showcased multi-form dance exploring what we've been taught, where it's brought us, and our hopes for the future. Our cast performed six times in two days! This piece was also presented at They Go Wild Premiere Party.


    A big "thank you" to Dan Patrick for building our stage, Reed Arnos for donating sound equipment, and Travis Tober and the crew at Nickel City for hosting the Revolve after-party! Recording by Ben Lee, Michael Ryan Hernandez, and Stephanie Patrick. See list of "Male | Female" cast above.

  • Against Shadows Trailer

    Ten performers in five scenes explore racial and gender discrimination against graffiti sites in Austin and San Francisco.

    I Begin

    "I am literally smiling, now. I am really, truly filled with joy watching this. It exudes the joys of coming home. It's not quite like anything I've seen before. It feels like each of the places themselves are Stephanie’s dance partners, with Texas being her final, real partner. I did not see her dancing IN a place, as much as WITH a place."

    - Kathryn Taylor, viewer

    hide and seek

    With contemporary dance, spoken word, and tap, we presented this piece about receiving feedback as an artist 9 times in the San Francisco Bay Area. This particular performance took place at Dance Mission in October, as part of Colin Epstein's Constants And Variables 2015. 


    Dancing the piece are Bianca Mendoza, Suzy Myre, Courtney Armani, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, and Stephanie Patrick. Thank you to our donors, techies, show organizers, and everyone else who made this piece happen! 



    Last SF Show!


    This solo was performed at SAFE House Arts in May 2016, an improvised piece to "Love Me in Whatever Way" by James Blake. I requested to dance with the windows open, so I could look over San Francisco, while I performed there for the last time!


    This piece was dedicated to my late friend, Alex O'Brien. The first version was created by myself and Dana Jacklyn Roy, which is what this footage documents. Later versions included Bianca Mendoza and Nikki Bulman.


    This rehearsal footage was filmed at Principal Creative and Performing Arts in San Mateo, of whom presented Stephanie Patrick Dance The Starving Artists Award, 2015. This piece was shown at Spector Dance in Marina, CA, then Grace Cathedral and Dance Mission in San Francisco.


    We were honored to receive the Starving Artists Award from Principal Creative and Performing Arts for this piece in January 2015!! This was SPD's last performance at The Garage in San Francisco, CA before it moved to its new home at SAFE House Arts. August 2014. Dancers: Dana Jacklyn Roy, Joanna Gartner, Jack McGill, Stephanie Patrick.


    SPD's first show ever!!! Performed by some amazing Austin dancers that are still doing incredible things. Kristin Nicolaisen, Kelsey Oliver, Danielle Storey, Erica Saucedo, Lacee Fortune, Alexandra Maurice, Stephanie Patrick, and cameo by Ciann Spiller. Daugherty Arts Center, August 2012

    Fall & Lift

    An improvisation on a fall day. Filmed by Peter Klemek and Yelena Laningham. Danced by Stephanie Patrick & Yelena Laningham.

    Edited by Stephanie Patrick.

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